Tether Demo Released

Three years ago we set out to tell the tale of a mother, Lesleigh, who was given a choice: stay at home and be with her family; or work away to potentially save the earth from ecological disaster. Since then, we’ve produced two prototypes, which we submitted to publishers looking for funding to help us make Tether.

Unfortunately, we weren’t successful in securing the funding we required to make the project full-time. At various the points, the team suffered from burnout, anxiety, depression and imposter syndrome. After the second unsuccessful attempt we agreed to go our separate ways having learned so much about running a studio, improving our technical skills and understanding how the business works.

After a year of being off the project, we’ve started to look at ways we can reduce the scope of the Tether to still tell Lesleigh’s tale, as we believe there is an important message to give to people.

It’s quiet…….too quiet.

So yes, Tether is back in development. Saying that we have decided to release our first prototype for free via Itch.io. The idea behind this version was to give potential publishers/investors an insight into how we wanted to tell our story. This version was made in around 6 months by a team of six developers all working remotely in their own time. With the new direction, we’re taking Tether in it seemed silly to have years of hard work sat there for people who worked on it to not get any recognition.

We have enabled donations on the store page. Any money we kindly receive will be put straight back into development.

If you have any questions then drop us a line through the Contact Page.