Tether was at MAGFest 2018

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Tether was at MAGFest 2018

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Hi Everyone,

At the start of January, we attended MAGFest 2018 in the United States. Some of you have likely met me or Ian during your visit to our booth. While we had many (and I mean many), people stop by and check out Tether during the weekend, some of you went a step further and signed up to keep up to date with what we have going on with the studio via our newsletter (sign up here).

DS1LURzXkAAL_ztThis was the first time Tether has been showed to the public after it’s intensive re-design some seven months ago.  I am sure all of you saw a ton of games during MAGFest, so if any of you need a reminder as to what exactly the game is about, our Narrative Director, Ian McCammant, did an interview in which he describes what our plans are and what we hope will make Tether special. Watch it here.

For now, all of us here at Freesphere want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of you for the amazing support and feedback we received during the weekend. Our very small art team is extremely appreciative of the compliments given to us about the look of the game. Also, even though not everything worked the way it should have (yay pre-alpha!), the constant playthroughs have helped our programming team tremendously and they too are sending extra thanks!

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With that said, we’re working hard on polishing what we have and expanding the game’s features. We promise to do our best to bring you a quality product and the support you all are giving is invaluable. If any of you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Page. Otherwise, I will talk to you next time.

Stay amazing gang!


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Ian McCamant on dealing with immersion at IGRX 2017

Immersion is a large field to cover in video game design. Ian believes that by following some simple rules you can help enhance your players experience from a first person perspective.

Ian McCamant is Tether’s lead narrative director. He has helped create a universe for Tether where choice oriented gameplay helps expand the story and  where a narrative of psychological horror takes center stage.

Indie Revolution Expo is a 3 day digital convention (completely free) centered on indie games, hosted by Indie Game Riot where Tether was exhibited along side many other wonderful indies.

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Tether at Insomnia60

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This past weekend, we brought Tether to the Insomnia60 gaming festival in the UK. After pouring many hours into preparing a vertical slice of the game for the event, it was immensely satisfying to see attendees play it for the first time. Oh, and to see them jump out of their seats was also a delight!

You can check out images from the event below!


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Tether will be playable at Insomnia60

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We are proud to announce that we will be bringing our debut survival horror title, Tether, to Insomnia60 next month – the UK’s “biggest gaming festival.” The 4-day event will run from April 14 – 17 in Birmingham, England at the National Exhibition Centre.

We’ve been hard at work on the game, preparing a vertical slice for gamers and the press to experience. This gaming festival will give us the perfect opportunity to get hands on what we’ve been spending countless hours working on.

For press bookings, please use our Contact page to make arrangements.

For more information about Insomnia60, check out their official site.

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Talking game design with IGR

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When we set out to develop Tether, we didn’t want to make just another first-person psychological horror game. We wanted to create something meaningful. We wanted to tell a personal story that works hand in hand with engaging gameplay. Hand in hand like a mother and her child. Which brings us to our game’s theme: motherhood.

How could a mother function being away from her kids? How could she function when “away” translates to being separated by the uncaring blackness of space itself? That question is at the core of Tether.

The game’s Creative Director, Mark Gregory, and Co-Writer, Ian McCamant, recently spoke with Indie Game Riot on the latest episode of their podcast. They gave some great insight into the development of Tether and game design in general, focusing on thematic concepts.

Check it out! Their segment starts at 0:19:09.

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