Studio Update – March 2019

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the radio silence since Christmas across our social media channels, rest assured that all is well with The Life Of Max, we had some teething problems with the project after Christmas period which forced a re-think on a lot of elements the game. We had a very early prototype completed and got feedback from friends & family and it wasn’t good news. This forced us to re-evaluate what our goals were and how we could achieve them with minimal cost.

A pivot in the design was drastically needed as we were getting feedback of a lack of agency and understanding of the mechanics from the testers – which in a narratively driven game is very bad. What we’re trying to make previously was too nuanced mechanically & with the limited inputs mobile offers it was difficult to convey what we wanted the player to do to progress.

Historically our team has worked on narratively driven first-person exploration games with a heavy emphasis on environmental storytelling and player interaction to move the narrative forward. After some thinking about how this could work in a mobile game like Max, we’re very happy with how things are progressing and we feel like we’re back on track. It’s been interesting to look at lessons from the past and seeing how they translate today’s game design philosophy.

Following the re-design, it gave us a chance to also evaluate our workflow on the project. We’ve taken steps to redesign our project management tools and in-house methodology for building reversions of the game. Being a remote team based all over the country & working on Max in our own time it’s important to ensure we each communicate as effectively as possible with minimal fuss.

For more information on The Life Of Max and to keep updated with the game’s development be sure to follow the social media channels at @lifeofmaxgame.