Partnership with WIPTail on Doggo

Freesphere Entertainment is delighted to announce that we have partnered with WIPTail Games on the development of their debut title, Doggo.

Doggo is a 2.5D, narratively-driven adventure game with puzzle elements made in Unreal Engine 4. We’ll be providing WIPtail with level, puzzle, and narrative design assistance.

When Nathan Robinson (Lead Designer) approached us and we saw how much his team had already achieved technically, accepting his offer to partner on the project was an easy decision.

To date, we’ve already implemented a new dynamic camera system and set up new animations for Doggo himself. Doing this allows us to create more complex puzzles and additional ways in which Doggo can interact with the world. In addition, we’ve plotted out the main beats of the story, which we’re currently using to design the levels.

We’re all very excited to get to work on the project and we have lots of plans in place to help bring Doggo to players in 2019. Stay tuned across all our social media channels for further updates.